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Lancer Baseball Update 12/21

Date Posted: Jan 03, 2012

Lancer Baseball Community,


I hope this message finds you in good spirits this holiday season.  As school winds down for the calendar year I wanted to keep in touch about a few items...


*For those of you thinking about buying a bat this holiday season or later on in the spring,  please make sure it is “BBCOR” certified. As you’re probably aware the standards have been evolving the past few years and for the 2012 season only bats labeled as BBCOR will be allowed in VHSL play.  I suggest you check out Baseball America’s free but very extensive 2012 Bat Guide for more information, it is available at: .  I personally do not suggest purchasing one brand over another, but I will say that in the few practices we’ve had so far I’ve seen a number of student-athletes with bats that are too large for their size/strength.  There a surely some high school athletes who would be best served by a 33” bat, but the vast majority of players in our program right now lack the size, strength and bat control to wield a 33”.  Just my two cents.


*If your son is interested in possibly playing college baseball after he leaves our program, I encourage you to have him talk to me about his goals/aspirations. Given that it is my first year here I do not have a strong history of each player so we need to get started sooner rather than later with the recruitment process, particularly for juniors as we progress into the springtime.  Additionally, If your son is interested in attending a college “showcase camp” or a “future prospect” camp, please let me know.  I get literature from numerous colleges each year asking to recommend players, so if your son is interested in a specific school, please have him talk to me as these camps can be a great opportunity to showcase your talents to a specific school.  With that said, I’ve worked a few of them before and they are not necessarily the most cost-effective way of learning the game of baseball or of getting seen by “scouts” or numerous college coaches.


*I'm excited to report that the first two meetings of the Lancer baseball Leadership team have gone very well.  The student-athletes are taking the experience seriously, and thus far I've received nothing but positive feedback.  As a staff we are excited to add this new dynamic to our program and look forward to the continued development of all of our players. 


*Finally, we are pleased to report that our new batting cage will be arriving over winter break.  We have tentatively planned our 2nd winter "green day" practice for Saturday January 7th from 9-12AM.  There will be an announcement on at school confirming the time when we return from break.  It is not expected that student-athletes come for the entire 3 hours, we are simply providing an opportunity for student-athletes who wish to try out in the spring to come for an hour or so and work on their skills.  The time frame is designed to interfere as little as possible with the many other things people have going on during the weekend, so we would love to see your son(s) make it if they can.  Again, these practices are 100% optional, but student-athletes MUST have a physical on file with the trainer and must have an emergency care form on file with me.  If they are unsure about either form, have them see me in school.  I hope to have a finalized off season practice calender made available after break and will send that out and post it on


*As always, please forward this message to other members of the Lancer Baseball Community and have them contact me to add them to the list. 



Happy holidays to you and your families.

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